25 Point Marketing Plan

I will assist you in setting your asking price, with the use of a descriptive, easy to understand market analysis;
I will prepare a net sheet for you, showing how much you can expect to receive at several prices;
I will research all aspects of your home, inc. City Records, Community information, etc.;
I will begin Title work, so that there are no surprises down the road;
I will assist you in staging your home to make it most appealing to buyers and agents.
My “snapshot” technique can show you easy repair items that make a big difference;
I will explain all the Real Estate contracts, as well as the selling process, to you in advance, so that when an offer comes in, you will already understand the mechanics, and will only need to concern yourself with price and terms. (This is especially helpful if a buyer considering more than one home has made an offer with a shorter time to respond.)
I will immediately submit information about your property to the Greater Sand Fernando Valley  Regional Multiple Listing Service, which reaches tens of thousands of agents throughout Southern California;
Attention-getting Color Brochures, with photographs of your home, will be prepared for distribution;
Information about your home, including color photos, will immediately be placed on the Internet, via many websites including: realtor.com, partovirealty.com, harmonhomes.com
Information about your property will immediately be placed on my “Hot Properties” Inventory List, which is constantly mailed, faxed and e-mailed to agents, buyers, investors, and corporate relocation personnel. In addition, I will offer a cash bonus (paid out of my commission) to the agent who sells your home by a specified time;
Information about your property will be featured in attractive Brochure Booklets, which include color photographs, maps, community information, available financing, etc. These booklets are given to prospective purchasers, and offer a much more professional presentation of your home;
With your approval, a post sign will be placed in your front yard. When possible, an information box will be placed on the sign, which will contain brochures and additional information about your home. This will have the net effect of having your home open 24-hours-a-day.
With your approval, I will schedule a Brokers’ Open Lunch Tour;
Your home will be advertised in any combination of venues, including the “Daily Breeze”, “P.V. News”, “Los Angeles Times”, “Beach Reporter”, “Easy Reader”, “Homes & Land”, “Real Estate Weekly”, and “Harmon Homes”; Ads will be constantly rewritten to attract the widest spectrum of buyers;
Brokers’ Incentive Programs to increase traffic will be an available option;
A Financing Package showing buyers and agents different ways to afford your home will be created with the assistance of local lenders;
An attractive card with information about your home will be mailed to potential buyers who are in costly temporary rental housing;
With your approval, a “Help Us Find Your New Neighbor” card will be sent out;
An ongoing Computerized Buyer Match will be used to locate buyers for your home;
Attractive information cards will be sent to a Vocational Target Market;
I will offer a Home Protection Policy, which will make your home more attractive to buyers;
Since networking is crucial in marketing, information about your home will be sent to Top Real Estate agents in your area (regardless of their company affiliation), who may have buyers for your home;
Showings will be followed up with a “Feedback Fax” or call, asking for comments, and you will be notified of the responses. This important service keeps you in touch with how agents and buyers view your home;
You will be regularly updated, in writing, as to market conditions, sales, and new properties on the market. These CMA Updates will keep you informed of market conditions;
I will prepare in-depth market analyses with photographs, and present them to all lender appraisers who are called to do appraisals on the property (appraisers like it when you do their job for them, and after all, proper marketing includes making sure all parties see the value of the property).
Deliver you check at successful Close of Escrow